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Author Have FS9, I want to know about FSX


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Posted on 03-07-2008 14:18
I am having a great time with FS9 with the 300 airplanes I have on it. Is it worth me getting FSX? Are the any advantages and does it run with FS9 as a unit.

Robert Tobin
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Author RE: Have FS9, I want to know about FSX


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Posted on 03-07-2008 14:24
it run with FS9 as a unit.

if you mean if work with fs9 installed on same computer yes it works...advantages are best details more features on aircrafts more effects, missions, disadvantages a big learning curve on missions and install aircraft and a computer with a good dual core processor and videocard+ at least 2 gb ram. I m still p****ing more time on fs9 because of less frames problem and fsx taking many pc resources.
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