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Author Red Bull races :loading the circuit in free flight


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Posted on 03-08-2008 03:33
Is there a way to load the Red Bull corses in FSX's "Free Flight" instead of the missions? I'd like to practice the Red Bull coures withiout having to race a computer opponent and just learn the turns, etc. I can't find the circuits in free flight.

Thank you.
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Author RE: Red Bull races :loading the circuit in free flight


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Posted on 03-08-2008 16:31
this is a loading as mission only. You could try to find coordinates pressing the "p" and pausing the game then press " Y" and find coordinates....then you have to go on free flight select with the fsx menu go to airport and write there the coordinates, perhaps you can find there pylons etc...alternatively you can change the fastness of the race always into the fsx menu there is where you can double or slow fastness of the fly
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