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Posted on 29-09-2008 23:35
is there a way to change the default airport from firday harbor to my home town airport?smiley
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Posted on 01-10-2008 04:30
yes i think it is possible..after some minutes searching inside my installation i can say:

you have to open fsx.cfg file (usually it is inside C:/Documents and Settings/Administrator name/Application Data or Local Settings/Microsoft/FSX/)

and find the line [SITUATION]. If you find here:


leave as it is, then go inside your Program Files/Microsoft Games/FSX/Flights/other and open with block note's option the file


search for the line

Latitude=N48 30' 7.11"
Longitude=W123 0' 39.54"

i think it is enought to change those 3 lines with your favourite airport lat and long..
You will find lat and long of your favourite airport clicking the key Shift + Z or Y(press also pause or the aircraft will start to moving)
change the value as i have written.

most detailed changement can be maked also changing the line
Title=Over Puget Sound
Description=Explore Friday Harbor and the San Juan islands in Washington State.

adding the airport's details you have chosen.

This method has not been tested but should works. B(ut i do not assume responsability if change something inside your fsx settings). I am also in doubt with the file FLTSIM.WX...should be changed to perhaps but how is a mistery actually.

Let me know if worked if you try.
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Author RE: home airport


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Posted on 11-11-2008 20:26
or save a flight in fav plane and airport save then quit to the main screen click on load there is a checkbox saying make this my default fight.

formly know as pilotteen
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