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Author addon white out


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Posted on 18-11-2008 09:00
with all but 2 of my addons when i use them my screen is just white but i can still hear sound (engines/air) but i can see from cockpit and top down from a longways out

formly know as pilotteen
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Author RE: addon white out


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Posted on 18-11-2008 17:36
i am sorry but there are 12.000 addons here..i can know 12,000 different configuration, you have to check all folder and path are correctly installed and all files are in the right folder. panel.cfg in panel folder aircraft.cfg in the main aircraft (name's aircraft)folder etc, also in some case there isn't an fs9 -fsx compatibility as described because of many fsx version:

sp1-sp2- Acceleration
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