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Author Acceleration Questions


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Posted on 10-02-2009 13:18
I bought the gold pack with deluxe and acceleration included. I have installed deluxe and had a few problems doing it with the direct x being incompatible eventually I got it to work I had to boot into safe mode and install Direct X 9. So the deluxe edition works correctly and plays fine but when I go to install Acceleration it will install and then a black screen will come up and then an error message saying that my direct x is incompatible. So my question is why would direct x work for my deluxe but not the acceleration pack? Has anybody else had this problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Author RE: Acceleration Questions


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Posted on 10-02-2009 19:00
strange problem i had fsx de luxe problem and then installed acceleration without problem...the blank screen let me suppose it is something related to video card drivers. perhaps.
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Author RE: Video Card


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Posted on 10-05-2009 20:47
I have seen problems like this before...!

You must be running on an incompatible video card with direct X. Consult your Local Computer Specialist to upgrade your current Video Card so that it is compatible with the FSX Acceleration Expansion Pack.

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