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Author Where can I find special freeware A320?


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Posted on 04-11-2009 20:43
Where can I find an unique IDFG A320 with 767 style landing gears?? Airbus makes special A320 with 767 style landing gears only for Indian Airlines and I would like to have IDFG A320 with that landing gear.

What words do I put on search field of simnetworksmileysmiley??? Indian Airlines A320 with extra landing gears or what? I tried that. Did not work.

Any ideas?

Indian Airlines is only one to have some units of this special A320s because India has crappy runways which is why Indian Airlines asked Airbus to make special 767 style wheels to deal with crappy runways in India.

I want this plane with special wheels that I can use for Canadian flights particularly important airports in northern Canada where runways are fine BUT difficult in times of FREEZING winters which is why 737-200s are popular there as their sturdy wheels can deal with runways in northern Canada in winters.

So I want to use that special A320 with special wheels that I can merge with Canadian livery from other A320.

Thanks to all for your kind help and I hope any of you can find for me!!

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