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Author FSX Graphics Problem With Aircraft and Helicopters


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Posted on 05-01-2010 22:16
Could someone help me solve a graphics problem I am having in FSX? Some airplanes and most helicopters do not display the airframe on F9 and F10. All I see is a couple of things on the flight control panel when I click F9. It looks like I am sitting in no plane or helicopter at all. I do not see anything when I click F10.

Usually I can see the planes and helicopters in F11. There are instances when I see just parts of the airplanes and helicopter in F11.
This happens mostly in the "Missions". On Free Flight at night I can only see bits and pieces of the plane in F!!.

My computer info is as follows:

Dell XPS 420
Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit
Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 Quad CPU Q6600 @240 GHz 2.39Ghz
3.00 GB RAM
Nvidia Geforce 8800GT

Two eaxamples. On the "Reno Air Racing Tutorial" mission I tried both 2d and 3d cockpit and it looks like I can see through most of the airplane as if it is not there when I click F9. F10 I see nothing I can see some of the dials but not all.

On the "Customs Intercept" mission when it first starts there is a car or truck that goes behind the helo and all I see is the wheels go by. I can see the helo. When I click F9 I can see some of the dial etc but most of the helo is not showing. I see nothing when I click F10. I can see the helo fine when I click F11.

These are just two examples. The same thing happens on other missions. On other missions everything is fine. Is that the way FSX is supposed to work.

Below are my aircraft display settings
o Global Settings - medium High
0 Default cockpit view - D Instrument Panel
0 Show Cockpit tool tips - Checked
0 High Resolution 3D virtual cockpit - Checked
0 2D Panel Transparency - 0%
0 Aircraft Casts Shadows Texture On Ground - Checked
0 Aircraft Landing Lights Illuminate Ground - Checked

All other options unchecked

Thank you in advance
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