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Author Multiplayer Problems


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Posted on 18-01-2010 06:55
When I try and log into a public multiplayer session I get the following error message: "An error occurred while downloading Real-World Weather. Please check your internet connection and configuration and try again." What do I need to do?

Also, some multiplayer sites prohibit spawning on the runway. How do you change that? Thanks.
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Author RE: Multiplayer Problems


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Posted on 20-01-2010 08:14
It does happen now and then that the weather Station in your vicinity, that the function is trying to access, is temporarily out of business, or
inaccessible for other reasons. Try again later, or try having it search
farther away and set that as Global Weather.

If you are referring to starting your multiplayer session on the runway, you are correct, this is not allowed.

Instead of choosing an active runway when you are setting up your flight, choose a gate or ramp.
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