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Author Releasing Smoke from Aircraft


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Posted on 29-03-2010 06:30
How can I add and use smoke on any aircraft, downloaded or default aircraft.

I've had planes that had a [SMOKE SYSTEM] section in their .cfg files, yet, when I get in them and use them in flight, and hit the smoke hotkey, it doesn't release smoke.

I've looked around for tutorials on how to add the smoke, but none of them have helped. I tried adding a hotkey on my joystick to see if it was just something wrong with my keyboard or something of the sort. It didn't work.

So if anyone could tell me how to add smoke (if it is possible) to an aircraft, and then use it in flight, it would be greatly appreciated.
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Author RE: Releasing Smoke from Aircraft


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Posted on 29-03-2010 06:30
In FSX Acceleration the ( I ) key toggles on/off smoke

Smoke.0= -24.00, 0.0, 0.00, fx_smoke_w

If it look like this I don't know what your problem is.

the "w" can be changed to a "r" for red smoke.
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