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Posted on 07-04-2010 19:09
My landings at the moment are awful, I consider my landing to be amazing if Ieven hit the runway, Ican never get lined up with it for some reason!

Could you also please recommend what aircraft and time of day I should do the flights in?
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Author RE: Best Flights


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Posted on 07-04-2010 19:11
The deafult lessons are a great source of information, and then you can simply practice some touch and go's. That'll improve your landings over time, and I honestly think its the best approach.

And speaking of approaches, if you want to line up correctly and practice instrument approaches, I'd suggest you get hold of real world approach plates and practice these.

These can be found here

Start with the ILS plates for manchester as these give you a simple approach (Overfly the airport VOR and reverse track the ILS at 3000 before a teardrop back to the runway)

Then, when you get the hang of these there are some fun SAP's from the holding pattern that line you up to the ILS plate properly. See the Stanstead VOR/DME approach for some good precision instrument approach practice.
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