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Posted on 05-09-2010 19:49
I have read much of the lesson section and are familiar with free flying, except when it comes to the instrument panel. If I do afree flight say from Block Island, RI to Westerly, RI, I see the flight plan but cannot read it so I am not sure what heading to take.
Is there anyone around that I can pick thier brain because the questions keep mounting up. I know it takes time but I am egar to fly. I saw a section called "Multiplayer" and would like to get involved in that.
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Author RE: FSX Deluxe Lessons


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Posted on 05-09-2010 19:50
If you bring up the GPS by pressing Shift+3, you'll see where to go. If you have filed a flight plan through the menu, the GPS will display the path to the destination with big purple lines. The ATC should guide you as well if you deviate of course as long as you follow its instructions.smiley

The lessons are also interactive, meaning you have the instructor talk you through the w**** lesson and showing you how to opperate the aircraft with you at the controls.
From the main FSX menu, go to the learning center and the Lessons are the top right Tab. Select a lesson by clicking the hyperlink, Straight and Level for example, and 'Fly this lesson' is available near the top right.
If you work your way through all the lessons, you'll learn all the basics about flying the aircraft, instruments and navigation.
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