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Author How to activate the default static VC of older FS-models:


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Posted on 05-10-2015 14:33
Many models from CFS2, FS2000/2002/2004 does not have VCs, even you can see a cockpit in the external view. Therefore such old aircraft are not so very interesting in FSX. But you can change this! But you need a Hex-Editor and you should be able to work with photoshop. Now the steps:

1. Open the MDL with a Hex-Editor and search for the hex-entry 680002. Replace this value with 680003. Now save the reworked MDL and do not forget the extension .mdl, f.i. F16.mdl 2. Load the aircraft und check the VC-view with F9. I suppose the eyepoint will be not correct. 3. Change the eyepoints in the aircraft.cfg until the simple default VC is in front of the pilots eyes. 4. Look into the texture folder and search for the texture with a small intrument panel. 5. Save this texture as 24bit bitmap and resize it, f.i. from 512512 to 20482048 6. Make a screenshot from the 2D-panel and save this picture in 24bit 7. Cut the instrument panel from the screenshot with your photoshop and paste it resized into the intrument panel texture. Maybe you have to resize it again later, because the usable area is mostly smaller than the default intrument panel graphic. 8. Convert the new texture with Dxtbmp to an extended bitmap or, if you can do it in a good quality, to a 256 coulor bitmap. This provides a better resolution in FSX as an extended bitmap.

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