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Posted on 05-10-2015 14:34
(Quite easy) Some FSX objects does not has any cameras configured, some has only few, and often they are only copies from another airplanes. The result are boring views with incorrect angles and zoom factors. Today on the 19th April 2014 I have uploaded Added views for the german flying boat Dornier Do-26 Seefalke. Using this as example, I will give you a short tutorial, how to add or to configure more and better views:

Example 1 (The camera is set onto the left wing. The camera provides you the eyepoint of the mechanics and he can watch the animated engine hatches of the Do-26 with the shift E2 command. After opening the hatches the mechanics can see both left engines.

[CameraDefinition.5] : Number 5 of the cameras
Title = “Maintenance Left side of left engines_Shift E2” : Title
Guid = {B0CA7E72-F3D9-F748-8BF5-108D197B2469} : This number must be unique! Never use it twice! Search more from another aircrafts and copy it. Using search option verify that there is not a second similar Guid at that aircraft!
Description = View of the mechanics : Just a note for the editor, not important
Origin = Center : Reference point for all Aircraft cameras
SnapPbhAdjust = Swivel : Allows swiveling the cam. Set FALSE if you want prevent this
SnapPbhReturn = FALSE : Default. You can set als TRUE
PanPbhAdjust = Swivel : Same as above
PanPbhReturn = FALSE : Same as above
Track = None : Default. Not testet, not important
ShowAxis = FALSE : Default. You can set als TRUE
AllowZoom = TRUE : Default. You can set als FALSE
InitialZoom = 0.3 : Recommendet zoom factor. You can also increase, f.i. 1.0
ShowWeather = Yes : Default. Not testet, not important
InitialXyz = -4.5,2.5,-2.0 : Values in Meter! Here 4.5 m left, 2.5 m up and 2.0 m behind reference
InitialPbh = 20.0,0.0,78.0 : Values are degrees: Here 20° down (-=up), 0°, 78° to the right
XyzAdjust = TRUE : Default. You can set als FALSE
Category=Aircraft : Normaly for external views, but here you can also reach internal eyepoints which are outside of the VC, f.i. Gunner views in bombers or cabins within passenger airplanes
ClipMode=Minimum : Default MomentumEffect = TRUE : A little response to your joystick movements. Disable with FALSE

Example 2: VC-Camera.

[CameraDefinition.000] : Attention: Different numbering of the cameras compared with above
Title = “Radio operator” : Title
Guid = {195EAB58-9E4A-1E2A-A34C-A8D9D948F078} : You can add more VC-cameras just by copiing the Guid line and replacing only 1E2A with 2E2A, 3E2A and so on.
Origin = Virtual Cockpit : Reference point for VC cameras
MomentumEffect = False : Same as example 1
SnapPbhAdjust = Swivel : Same as example 1
SnapPbhReturn = False : Same as example 1
PanPbhAdjust = Swivel : Same as example 1
PanPbhReturn = False : Same as example 1
Track = None : Same as example 1
ShowAxis = YES : Same as example 1
AllowZoom = TRUE : Same as example 1
InitialZoom = 0.3 : Same as example 1
SmoothZoomTime = 2.0 : Same as example 1
ZoomPanScalar = 0.0 : Same as example 1
ShowWeather = Yes : Same as example 1
XyzAdjust = TRUE : Same as example 1
ShowLensFlare=FALSE : Not tested
Category = Cockpit : VC-Camera, recalled by F9, then toggle with A-key
InitialXyz= 0.4,-0.1,-2.0 : Same as example 1: Here 0.4 m right, 0.1 m lower and 2.0 m behind of the pilots eyepoint
InitialPbh=17.5, 0.0,66.0 : Same as example 1: Here 17.5° down, 0.0°, 66.0° to forward right smiley
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