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Author VC Interior for VC-less origin FSX-Modells (easy)


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Posted on 05-10-2015 14:35
You may wondering, that my features for pilotable ships provide VC-views, even they are based on ai-models and ai-models does not have VCs.

Today Iíll tell you, how to enable virtual views into a VC-less aircraft or ship. This method works only with pure FSX-MDLs. But donít worry! There is also a method to make this true for old stuff, like CFS2, FS2002 & FS2004-Models, but this method I will post another time.

Now listen, itís magic! Open the Model.cfg in the Model-folder with an editor or with Wordpad. Here you see such a short entry with only 1 line below the header [models]:

normal=NameXY !!! Now add a second line. Instead of NORMAL you write now INTERIOR interior=NameXY

Thatís it! Now the model has virtual views. You can see it when you are in the 2D panel mode (F10) and look around using the keys of your Numpad. Or you hit F9 to get the VC-view directly.

Now you have to check eyepoints and than you have to improve it, moving freely in all directions.

Now open the aircraft.cfg. Search for VIEWS to find the eyepoints. The order is mostly in feet: horizontal, lateral, vertical
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