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Author How to create a flyable/pilotable Version from an ai-Model. (medium)


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Posted on 05-10-2015 14:35
Create a new folder in the folders for Airplanes or Boats. Then insert following files:

Model & Texture:
You need from the ai-model the Model- and the Texture-folders.
Never, never use the Sim.cfg!!!

You need a complete Panel or an Panel with a aliased link in the panel.cfg.

You need a complete Sound or a Sound with a aliased link in the sound.cfg.

Aircraft.cfg & XY.air
You need an appropriate Aircraft.cfg with the regarding Airfile.air
In the aircraft.cfg you have at least to edit the title line. Never, never use a title twice!!!
sim=Name of airfile (name.air)
ui_manufacturer=Choose yourself. I set here f.i. “Ship” as categorie
ui_variation=Iver Huitfeldt_Danish Navy

Checkout the eyepoints!

Checkout the Contact points: They will never fit for other aircraft but they often fits for ships. Be sure you know what are you doing when you edit those parameters!

Checkout the Lights and the Smokesystem and edit it after your gusto.

Copy and paste appropriate camera definitions from a similar object for your new object somewhere into the aircraft.cfg. Then try to match the views regarding the new object, by editing the camera positions (Meter and not Feet, in reference to the center) and angles:

InitialXyz = 9.4, 7.3, 49.5 (right, up, forward)
InitialPbh = 5.0, 0.0, 45.0 (down,-, Forward right)

You learned:
Using a aliased panel and aliased sound and a temporary aircraft.cfg withairfiles cost you 5 minutes to make a quick check to make an ai-plane or ai-ship flyable or pilotable.
The improvements and the fine tuning will cost you hours.smiley
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