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We currently offer a massive range of downloads for FSX, as well as older flight simulator add-ons for the ever-popular FS2004, FS2002, CFS3 and now becoming ever popular with dediced virtual aviators is Laminar Research's X-Plane series.

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fsx de luxe edition review - Posted on 09-10-2006 13:02
User Avatar jackfolla
Rank 6

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Posts: 509
Joined: 11.04.06


Finally the Flight Simulator X arrives at the market. The longer surmounting of games of the complete Microsoft 25 years in 10 editions, and always evolved offering a new dimension of this fantastic simulator for its thousand of fans in all the planet. In these 25 years, it had of fact much evolution, but never of a version for another one we had as many new features, as much order of the taken care of fans, as version FS-X. It was what we waited! After more than three years of development, what we could evaluate was a product extremely worked well, above of all the expectations, and that certainly it goes to reach a place of prominence in the history of the Flight Simulator. The FS-X is a great evolution for diverse aspects and innovations. In this edition we have many prominences, to start for the Missions, subject that much controversy in the community generated, but that in it surprised them in review. Moreover, the graphical part and the configurations to become the scene most realistic had evolved very in relation to the FS-9 - photo-realistic cities and superdetailed airports are part of the graphical package. We can also cite to the AI part (Inteligência Artificial) that it became our adventures in the much more dynamic FS, with cars in the airports and the roads and animals in its natural habitat. E the one that to say da interatividade part, that it provides to carry through missions online with the friends, to still control the traffic or, the waited tool to pilot the two, as pilot and copilot na aircraft. Therefore, it reads review intently and it knows that one that will be certainly one of best the Flight Simulator of all the times. Later, it comments in fórum of FS-X its opinion the respect!

Presentation of the product
To follow, a description of the available versions: Standard Edition 2 DVDs 18 aircraft 40 detailed airports (16 entirely news) Total of 24.000 airports 28 cities detailed More than 30 structuralized missions Deluxe Edition 2 DVDs 24 aircraft 45 detailed airports (21 entirely news). Total of 24.000 airports 38 cities detailed More than 50 structuralized missions Cockpit of glass panels (G1000) Controlling of air traffic the Flight Simulator X comes in a box with 2 DVDs conditioned in envelopes, a Manual of Privileged Information with tips of as to operate the FSX and Guide of Fast Reference, with summary of the shortcut keyboard keys. Software is in English.

An installation process continues being One Click, or either, it is alone to insert RECORD 1 in the DRIVE and to clicar TO INSTALL. The total of required space is of 16GB (Gigabytes) and the Sceneries folder only occupies 13GB. The result is compensating and to fly with MESH of until 1m for pixel is something really fantastic, still more in highlands. The installation time can vary enters 20 minutes the 1 hour, depending on the speed of the reader of DVD, memory, and speed of the HD.

Computers used in the Review Computer
1: Intel the 2 Cores Extreme E6800, 1GB RAM, HD 160GB SATA, Plate of Video Nvidia 7600GT
Computer 2: AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+, 4GB RAM, HD 300GB SATA II, Plate of Video Nvidia 7900GT.
Computer 3: Intel the 2 Cores Duo E6700, 1GB RAM, HD 160GB SATA, Plate of Video Nvidia 7300GS
Computer 4: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+,1GB RAM, HD 120GB SATA, Plate of Video ATI X1800XT and X1800GTO (in way single and Crossfire)
Computer 5: AMD Athlon XP 3200+, 1GB RAM, HD 120IDE, Plate of Video NVidia 6600GT
Computer 6: AMD Athlon XP 1800, +512MB RAM, HD 80GB, Plate of Video ATI 9250.
Computer 7: AMD Duron 1200 MHz, 512 RAM, 80 HD IDE, plate of 315 video SIS Onboard.

Performance of the FSX
My computer goes to twirl the Flight Simulator? This was a done question more than 1000 times we, after all all wants to know which the machine necessary to twirl the FSX of form to use to advantage to the maximum the new features! The graphical behavior of the FSX is completely different of the FS2004. In the tests that we made the results had been satisfactory in the direction of fluidity of the image, exactly with a tax low of 10/12 fps, being that they had not been felt "travadinhas" during the flight and the shipment of the scenes and textures was well faster. "the devorador" greater of frames is the AUTOGEN, much more perfect and robust that of the FS2004. The great secret is to equalizar the AUTOGEN and the Filtering Bilinear or Trilinear of its plate of video. The configurations of volume of traffic of vehicles, of aircraft and boats, also influence very. The best performance, evidently was in the machine with the Intel processor the 2 Cores Extreme E6800, where we fly the FSX Full with fps in the house of the 90/120 total, with right the 150 peaks of fps. Simply fantastic! This in makes them to remember of commentaries in launchings of previous versions, when it was common to hear to speak not to exist the hardware at the moment to twirl the Flight Simulator. The famous PC of NASA! This machine exists yes, although still to be well distant of the reality of the majority of the Brazilians.

One upgrade of software implies in the new hardware, or either, all technological advance of the FSX must be folloied by an equipment that in allows them to enjoy the graphical fullness of the Simulator. As in all the other launchings of new versions Flight Simulator, some pilots already go to have or will be able to buy "the machine of the dreams" and others can delay a little more. The certainty is that the immense majority finishes "giving one jeitinho" and improving the computer, after all To fly is a Passion. All "old" hardware could be used, limited logicamente for the global performance of video and processor. In the tests carried through for the Aerovirtual, we arrive the conclusion that the FSX, for a satisfactory performance needs a Intel processor of at the very least 2,4 GHz or AMD with RATING at the very least 2600+. The ideal is a processor with 3 Ghz (or equivalents in the case of AMD 3000+ or superior), therefore really makes the difference in the hour of the flight shipment. How much to the amount of memory RAM, us we can define 512 MB as the minimum, 1 recommended GB and 2 GB as ideal. A plate Radeon 9600XT goes to present a satisfactory performance. To get a minimum performance, it is necessary to use a plate of video with support to DirectX 9 so that the water effect, consequences and brightness happen. In plates of video with support to DirectX 8, the appearance will be the same of FS 2004. A plate of video with at the very least 128 mb of memory and 4,000 at the very least capacity to process mpixels for the attainment of a minimum performance of software.

Missions in the FSX The Microsoft of this time if surpassed with this new concept of Flight Simulator. Before the launching of the FSX, they had heard diverse you criticize related to these missions between the mainly most active users most experienced in the Flight Simulator. But today one proved that it was an excellent idea in developing the FSX and until the closing of this review, all the people comment and has curiosity on the missions. The idea of the missions of the FSX is to reach one publishes in such a way white differentiated as gotten passionate for simulators as gamers in general. It was proven that the FSX reached a bigger gamma of people in its horizontal line as kept and its vertical line in relation to the simulators and even though increased due to the aircraft that well better are compared with the FS2004. Such as cockpit virtual, GPWS, panel, etc.

It is very probable that these missions of the FSX break the paradigm of that enthusiastic for virtual aviation they are seen as those people who are grudadas hours the wire in the computer, but yes people who like simple aviation since an enthusiastic one that she only looks the diversion in the Flight Simulator in few minutes in only one mission until the most gotten passionate with regular flights. The truth is that these missions alone had come to improve the entertainment of the Flight Simulator, that beyond the diversion, provides to training in all they. For those more traditional users where the missions come not to please to them, it is very simple. It is enough to clicar in Free Flight that will have its Flight Simulator with the same screen of the previous one for normal flights. The missions start with basic training of pilotage, since as to learn to taxiar in the ground as lessons of helicopters. This without a doubt will be useful for the future flights that the virtual pilot comes to make.

The category of more easy missions exists where if it can know better and with certainty it serves of challenge the user so that pass for the intermediate missions and later most difficult. It does not leave to make an approach in the Alasca with its Cessna, will have a spectacle of graphical appearance in its screen, as the new effect of waters, a ship of cruise of approaching in the headboard of the track and much more. It wants to use and to abuse the graphical part of its FSX makes the mission with a hydroplane in its aircraft will be in a pretty scene with the movement of the fluctuation and much more. Test its abilities with an Extra in the event of the Red Bull and does not leave to tan the excellent landscape of the place. Finally the African continent was remembered with one amused mission and the new graphical implementos of movements inside of its FSX. It knows the missions in the airport of Oshkosh and will be able to see in ground the Concorde, huntings of the Blue Angels and the narration of the speaker as if really it was part of an aerial event. This was another strong point of the FSX, had implemented diverse interesting sounds. It does not leave to take off one "crack" with its Extra against a poisoned truck and the amused mission to settle in a bus. The helicopters had gained a prominence to the part in the missions of the Flight Simulator. Beyond the basic lessons, it also has the missions more complex as to make a stretch marked in a mount of the coast, a very interesting mission to catch executives in the top of a building in Tókio, a rescue in high-sea and the famous mission in the petroliferous platform. The gostos exist missions for all and the FSX obtained to congregate the useful one to the pleasant one, that it is to train in this wonderful hobby with much diversion.

New features of the FSX
The Flight Simulator X offers to a series of technological innovations, graphical incredible and much more realism in the simulation. The pilots can see aboriginal vehicles in movement in the roads, villages, farms and until animals in the African forest. The missions are a spectacle to the part. The pilots will have specific objectives to be fulfilled, in true "gameplay", where they will be able to test its abilities and to become involved in new and a stimulant entertainment form. The FSX backwards a series of new aircraft, such as DeHavilland DHC-2 Beaver floatplane, Grumman G-21A Goose, the AirCreation 582SL Ultralight and Maule M7-260C Orion. The pilots will go to be surprised at new effect, detailed and reflexivas paintings, panels with the immensely superior quality to the previous version. The system of dynamic time is based on realistic atmospheric conditions, with clouds 3D that they are formed and if they waste, beyond the possibility of update of the time, when connected to the InterNet. The ATC had a great advance, making possible the interaction saw headset and keyboard, either as controlling (Deluxe Edition), pilot or copilot, with the improvement of the flight capacities online and interaction with other pilots in the world all. Another innovation of the FSX is the interactive airports, with a highest level of detailing and new devices of artificial intelligence, that interact with the aircraft, providing trucks tank, cars of luggage and several other vehicles of support.

Evaluation of the product
The new screens of the FSX are modern and very pretty, with an appearance that remembers the Macintosh. Quickly in them we will make familiar to all the configuration options and avidamente, the pilot will leave for its first flight. My suggestion is to fulfill the mission Sitka Aproach, a estonteante VFR in Alaska, way to a fantastic relief and with incredible water effect, beyond a wonderful surprise in the end, when a transatlantic one will cut to the sea well its front. Imperdível! One of the new resources that pleased me, was the possibility to save the configurations in Settings, very useful when we try to establish the ideal conditions for our computer, or we need to modify them to fly with one addon that it goes to impactar in the tax of frames. The new panel 2D of the Cessna is simply pretty, total different of that one bitmap plain and consumed of the previous versions. The different visões are controlled for the keyboard keys and the S. The Aircraft View makes possible a new exterior vision of the aircraft, something that was only possible with the use of softwares Active Câmera or Walk & Follow, in the previous versions. In Medium-High Configuration and effect Mid water 2.x, sufficients for the purpose of waves and consequences, the flight transcorreu calmly in 20/25 fps in complex scenes. Impossible not to appeal to the Outside View (the old Spot View) and to use the bar of space, together with mouse, to control the vision angles. This new resource comes to contemplate the pilots whom one does not have joystick with vision control. Not to enjoy of the external vision, would be to disdain the high point of the product that is to be able to admire the fantastic graphs of the FSX. Evidently, a new version of the Flight Simulator implies in update in the computers, so that if it can enjoy the fullness of the graphical advances. But really valley the penalty! Probably the first landings in the FSX will be compromised in its precision, due to anxiety of if "looking at around". Final Na approach of Princess Juliana, the pilot is more interested in seeing the new trees, the movement das waves and its consequences, boats in movement, the dos colors and shades buildings and trees nas waters, new contours do relief, at last all the graphical wonder do FSX.

The FSX is not simply a maquiagem of the previous version and yes a true aerial jump as simulator, with graphs beyond the imagination, enormous improvement of sounds and extraordinary dynamics of flight, effect and a package of advanced tools that transform it the product into platform for expansion, personalization and development. The new features as the waves, consequences of the light of the sun, the movement of waters, new autogen, the movement of vehicles in the roads, the boats in movement and mesh improved dramaticamente, produce an environment of new and total fantastic flight, that transforms the flight into the FSX in an exciting spectacle. We go to fly!

Edited by jackfolla on 09-10-2006 14:14
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