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We currently offer a massive range of downloads for FSX, as well as older flight simulator add-ons for the ever-popular FS2004, FS2002, CFS3 and now becoming ever popular with dediced virtual aviators is Laminar Research's X-Plane series.

fsx aircraft, fsx freeware downloads, fsx addon, fs2004 aircraft, fsx planes


If you like to fly through winding tunnels (which are lit up at night with a futuristic feel to it), search for and camp at abandon rigs, land on and hop back and forth from Naval ships to all kinds of other interesting sites, search and rescue the crews from the aftermath of a Naval battle where ships are on fire, land at chopper docks in the water, or just explore the scenery having fun and excitement in choppers, racing friends through tunnels, chaise each other with fighters and other cool craft, or use small seaplanes or other agile craft, maybe play a game of hide and seek with friends (would be fun in fogged out weather) this scenery might just be for you !

This scenery features winding tunnels, lights all over for night action, tunnel race track, many fueling areas, chopper landing docks, a tropical resort and air show area, fire station, multiple views(PH00=Runway, PH01=Air show observation area-01, PH02=Private Air show observation area, PHFS Tower view=Tunnel observation area), old oil rigs, carrier force (no cables on CVN, you will need COP3 pack to land on CVN, Sorry), war ships on fire, cruise ships, oil tankers, airport parking for fighters and other craft, and the best part is that the playground is fun and very eco-friendly.

When looking for the abandon rig to the South you will want to head south at 172 for a few miles, a bit past the rig are some small boats. The Naval rescue group is to the north of the island at 350, and to the East at 060 following the runways direction you will run into the aftermath of a naval exchange, devastation and smoke is everywhere, it is dangerous so watch out, don’t want to get caught in the aftermath explosions. At a heading of 295 for a bout 50 + miles you will find some more abandon rigs which may be unstable so be careful when landing on them, it’s a good flight in a chopper and also a short hop if flying a seaplane. Oh, did I mention the resort on the island? Though this scenery is fictional, it is a good way to enjoy the sim and to let your imagination run wild with the freedom of flying. Have Fun and prepare to ROCK!

Available now at Simnetwork Market


Posted by webmaster on October 04 2010 19:49:06Read More · 4431 Reads - Print

This place is in the middle of nowhere, with walls surrounding compounds, railways and roads connecting it all from a small Dock all the way to the main facility, most of which is underground (use your imagination, lol). Best flight using VFR from an airport would be “Sao Gabriel Da Cachoeira (SBUA)” (preferably with a chopper) and follow the river Northbound until you reach the first fork about 30+ Miles up the river, you will want to follow the ‘right fork’ for about 40 Miles until you get to SSSX (Trazlock Chopper Re-Supply Base) You could land and pick up supplies, fuel up or just pass by. Just after the Supply Base you will encounter another fork in the river, follow it to the ‘Left’ until you reach the Dock about 160-170+ Miles up the river (It’s a good flight), by then you should already know where the rest of the Facility is. Or you could just forget all of those directions and use a GPS, or spawn in at any of the chopper pads, lol.

This package features 8+ Chopper landing areas, a Chopper Re-Supply Base, a Research Facility which is very detailed and has lights for night time, a secret landing pad, and a whole lot of places to explore on the Facility, many different operations and flights can be conducted if you use your imagination, it is a good place to fly with friends, it’s fun and exciting in various weather conditions using VFR and is a challenge for experienced pilots to land at some of the LZ’s, it also takes a while to fly from the base to the facility so bring a snack on the way and watch out for birds when you arrive at the base and facility.

The scenery is fun, good on frames, cheap and is detailed, have fun!

Available now at Simnetwork Market


Posted by webmaster on October 04 2010 19:31:54Read More · 4172 Reads - Print
WWII Expansion - MALTA III 1942 uploaded !

This missions and campaigns pack recreate the battle for Malta between RAF, Luftwaffe and Regia Aeronautica in 1942.

RAF Campaigns: 2
LUFTWAFFE Campaigns: 3
Regia Aeronautica Campaign: 1
Campaigns Missions: 783
Singles/Cooperative Missions: 1.592
Total Missions: 2.375
New video: 1
New skins: 55

Bristol Beaufighter
Bristol Blenheim
Hawker Hurricane
Supermarine Spitfire

Junkers Ju-87 "Picchiatelli"
Macchi MC.202
Savoia-Marchetti SM.79

Junkers Ju-87
Junkers Ju-88
Messerschmitt Bf 109
Messerschmitt Bf 110

On sale now at Simnetwork Market

WII Expansion - MALTA III 1942

Posted by jackfolla on August 07 2010 00:20:52Read More · 3117 Reads - Print
Aerofiles - Billund Airport FSX

For the first time ever now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Billund Airport FSX.
This airport has been made with extreme quality photoreal textures on the buildings.
The model it self is so true to the real life airport, that you will be amazed.
Billund Airport is the second largest airport in Denmark.

The airport has been beta tested several times by real world pilots, and by people whith inside knowledge of the airport structure and placement of each building.
Also flight simulator fans as your self have been tesing this product, to make sure that it works as advertised, and it does work.
Billund Airport was according to the online wikipedia.org site ranked as number 10 out of a few 100 in the nordic countries, when it came to the total passengers count for that year. The count was on 2,299,835 at the end of 2009.

Billund Airport is well known among several nations, but mostly in these areas:
Denmark, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany, Iceland, United States and Netherlands just to mention a few of them.

Billund Airport is also well known from the theme park named Legoland.
Legoland Billund is the original Legoland theme park, located in the middle of Jutland, the part of Denmark that "juts" up from Germany. Legoland Billund is located directly adjacent to the Billund Airport (Billund Lufthavn).

Product Features:

AES Compatible (Airport Enhancement Service)
Photoreal Textures on all objects
18 Stunning Buildings
Accurate Models
Accurate AFCAD
IK Jetways (animated)
Free Mission Included
Free updates and Download Content for the FSX version
Reflections on Windows
Unique real life night textures for the gate windows
Photoreal Night Textures
Accurate placed trees
Animated nordic flags
Animated birds
Parking system, for parking help
Real Environment Extreme compatible
AI Addon Traffic compatible
AI Default Traffic compatible
Other Danish Landclasses compatible
DanVFR compatible
Custom runway, taxiways and apron lights
Custom runway, taxiway light poles
Special light effects at night
Airport Wizard compatible
Extra upcoming Billund missions, free of charge.
Vagar Airport FSX free of charge (with this order. Incl in the installer as a extra option)

On sale now -

Get it here Aerofiles - Billund Airport FSX

Posted by jackfolla on July 11 2010 11:41:57Read More · 0 Comments · 3197 Reads - Print
Carenado - C185F Skywagon for FS2004

Four different paint schemes and 4 models: with and without fairings, side windows on both sides and two & three blades prop

Polygon optimized model - Friendly FPS - Original HQ digital stereo sounds recorded from the original aircraft - (wheel chokes, bag & package, pitot cover, sights prop and tiedown ropes)

Autopilot installed -Pop up Skywagon manual with performance charts and normal & emergency procedures

Original instruments - Includes: Interactive virtual cockpit - Full moving parts: Ailerons, elevators, rudders, flaps, rolling wheels and trim tab - Animated sections such as: propeller, doors, windows, sun visor, air vents, cowl flaps, pilot

Lights: Navigation lights, landing and taxi lights - Transparent windows

3D modeled pilot and cockpit area

This model doesn't have a 2D panel - Realistic light effects on gauges - Nightlight effects on panel - Built-in zoom gauges - Separate switches for instruments lights and dome light

Toggle yoke at VC - Real behavior compared to the real airplane - Real weight and balance - PDF documents: C185 history, operation tips, reference and owner's manual

On sale now - Get it here Carenado - C185F Skywagon for FS2004

Posted by jackfolla on July 10 2010 13:36:59Read More · 0 Comments · 2932 Reads - Print
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