Wings Over Waves
Posted by webmaster on July 03 2006 02:42:57

Pluswave's Wings over waves addon for Maddox Games Pacific Fighters gives you custom non-DGEN campaigns for the US Navy, US Marine Corps and the Imperial japanese navy. All these campaigns contain carrier missions so you better practice those carrier traps before starting them! The missions play out through the first half of the war.

The Campaigns

Quite some attention has been given to the storyline in the campaigns though at times I found them to be a tad melodramatic but that is a matter of taste. They also contain some spelling errors but that might be due to them being translated from german by a non native english speaker. The storyline combined with the fact that the campaigns don't start out with you in the middle of the action, but rather have some peacetime missions before the action starts, really add a sence of building up to the action. When the action starts it is varied with interesting missions against a mix of enemy aircraft that keep your attention. If you've only flown DGEN missions in these area's so far you'll come across some enemy aircraft which you wont have seen a lot. The islands have been dressed up with some trees etcetera but these did not adversely affect my PC though these might be a problem on lower specification machine's. An average mission from early in the US Navy carreer goes as follows:

Scout planes have found enemy ships near wake! Take off and escort SBD's to the target. You takeoff as number three. After climb out and form up with the other planes you fly to your target. When you come under attack from enemy fighters you have to fight for your life and those of your colleagues in their SBD's. As you continue to fight the attackers your divebombers close on the ships and dive on the japanese. Their bombs hit true and both of the japanese destroyers are dead in the water and on fire when you see them through a gap in the clouds. Feeling good and with another three kills under your belt you return to wake island.

The textures

The textures are well done and up to standard with the third party skins that you see in this sim these days and above that of the standard skins for the aircraft used. Slight posterisation can be seen in certain area's of certain skins, for example on the F4F-3's roundels, but this doesnt distract from the general look.

Final Verdict

Pluswave's Wings over Waves is a steady addon which offers numerous hours of playing for a reasonable price. Apart from some small naggles I can recommend this to anyone who wants to try good quality static campaigns and is interested in the Pacific theater.

You can buy it here