Do you want to do something else than flying?
Posted by jackfolla on November 19 2006 09:57:36
In FS2004, it was possible to make AI aircraft flyable. But in FSX, there is
more than only AI air traffic. Ships, ferries, vehicles and even animals are now
part of the AI system. Wouldn't it be nice to drive the schoolbus from the Loopy
Larry mission? Not only would it be kinda funny to drive around in a schoolbus
on your favorite airport, but you can even redo the mission in a multiplayer

Well, it's certainly possible, but you have to make a few modifications in FSX.
In case you like to use the simobjects in a multiplayer session, everyone
connected will need to make the same modifications to FSX, otherwise FSX will
replace the simobject with a default aircraft. Below, you'll see instructions on
how to proceed. It's not that hard really, but if you have questions, feel free
to ask them on our forum.

1. Go to \Documents and Settings\<user name>\Application Data\Microsoft\FSX\

2. Open the file fsx.cfg

3. Search for the line that starts with "User Objects=" and replace this line
with this:

User Objects=Airplane, Helicopter, Boat, GroundVehicle, Animal

save the file

4. Go to \Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator

5. You'll see a few folders and a file called "sim.cfg". Now, this vehicle is
actually allready 'flyable' since we've changed that line in the fsx.cfg. The
reason for going to this folder is that you need the "panel" folder. In order to
appair in the aircraft selection menu, simobjects must have a "panel" folder.
Now you can copy this "panel" folder to any simobject you want.

If you want to hear engine sound (vehicles only), you have to go again to the
FuelTruck folder as I described above. Copy the "soundai" folder to a temporally
folder. After that, change the folder name to "sound". Inside the folder, you'll
see four .wav sound files and a file called "soundai.cfg". Change the filename
to "sound.cfg". Now you can copy this sound folder to any vehicle you want.

Loopy Larry's schoolbus and the Jet Truck (folder names: VEH_Larrys_schoolbus
and VEH_jetTruck) do have their own sound files inside the "soundai" folders.
For them, you can do the same, copy the "soundai" folder to a temporally folder,
change the "soundai" folder to "sound" and the "soundai.cfg" file inside to
"sound.cfg". Now copy the "sound" folder back to either one of the vehicles
folders and overwrite if windows asks you.

If you're not sure where the folders are located: On most windows
configurations, everything is installed on the C: drive. So go to the windows
explorer (not internet explorer), you'll find it in the program group (start ->
programs -> Accessories -> Windows Explorer). Then, click on "My Computer",
click on "Local Disk (C:)". Now you should be able to see the "Program Files"
and "Documents and Settings" folder.