Miscellaneous B-17 Information
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Miscellaneous B-17 Information


A total of 12,731 B-17s were made. Of this total, 6,981 were manufactured by Boeing Aircraft, 3,000 by Douglas Aircraft, and 2,750 by Vega Aircraft (now called Lockheed). Below is a table showing the number that was made for each model:


Model Number
299 (XB-17) 1 1935
Y1B-17 13 1937
Y1B-17A 1 1938
B-17B 39 1939
B-17C 38 1940
B-17D 42 1941
B-17E 512 1941
B-17F 3,405 1942
B-17G 8,680 1943


A total of 46 B-17s still survive intact, and 12 of these are currently flying. In addition to those surviving intact, some survive partially intact and a few planes have been located but still not recovered. There are various B-17 crash sites located throughout the world, but at most of these sites little exists today except for metal scrap, or, as is often the case with underwater sites, the aircraft itself has never actually been located.

Below is a table showing the current disposition of existing B-17s, by model:


Model Currently
B-17D       1    
B-17E         3  
B-17F     1 1 1 1
B-17G 12 1 19 4 3 2


The table below shows details for B-17s known to exist today, in serial number order. Aircraft with serial numbers shown in red have had recent changes made to their information.


Status Possessor
of Aircraft
40-3097 The Swoose D In storage National Air and
Space Museum
Suitland, MD
41-2446   E Not recovered Half submerged in swamp Papua, New Guinea
41-2452 Black Jack E Not recovered Underwater Papua, New Guinea
41-9234 Blackcat Gap E Not recovered On mountainside Papua, New Guinea
41-2595 Desert Rat E Being restored Mike Kellner Marengo, IL
41-9032 My Gal Sal E Being restored Blue Ash Airport Cincinnati, OH
41-9101   E Not recovered Under ice Greenland
41-9105   E Not recovered Under ice Greenland
41-9210   E Being restored Vulcan Warbirds Arlington, WA
41-24485 Memphis Belle F Being restored USAF Museum, Wright-Patterson AFB Dayton, OH
42-29782 Boeing Bee F In storage Museum of Flight,
Boeing Field
Seattle, WA
42-30861   F Partially intact Fairbanks, AK(wings, tail)
Blue Ash Airport (fuselage)
Fairbanks, AK
Cincinnati, OH
42-3374 Homesick Angel F On display Offutt AFB Omaha, NE
42-32076 Shoo Shoo Baby G On display USAF Museum, Wright-Patterson AFB Dayton, OH
42-97854   G Not recovered Underwater Graah Fjord, Greenland
43-38635 Virgin's Delight G On display Castle Air Museum Atwater, CA
44-6393 Return to Glory G On display March Air Museum Riverside, CA
44-8543 Chuckie G Flying Vintage Flying Museum Fort Worth, TX
44-8846 Pink Lady G Flying Association Forteresse
Toujours Volante
Paris, France
44-8889   G In storage Musee de l'Air at Le Bourget Paris, France
44-83316   G Partially intact
(parts being used to restore
Aero Trader's storage area Borrego Springs, CA
44-83512 Heavens Above G On display Lackland AFB San Antonio, TX
44-83514 Sentimental Journey G Flying Commemorative Air Force
Arizona Wing
Mesa, AZ
44-83525 Suzy Q G In storage Fantasy of Flight Museum Polk City, FL
44-83542 Piccadilly Princess G On display Fantasy of Flight Museum Polk City, FL
44-83546 Memphis Belle Replica G Flying Military Aircraft Restoration Corporation Chino, CA
44-83559 King Bee G On display Strategic Air Command Museum Ashland, NE
44-83563 Fuddy Duddy G Flying Martin Aviation,
John Wayne Airport
Santa Ana, CA
44-83575 Nine-O-Nine G Flying Collings Foundation Stow, MA
44-83624 Sleepy Time Gal G On display Dover AFB Museum Dover, DE
44-83663 Short Bier G On display Hill AFB Museum Ogden, UT
44-83684 Piccadilly Lilly II G On display
Being restored
Planes of Fame Chino, CA
44-83690 Miss Liberty Belle G On display Grissom Air Museum, Grissom AFB Peru, IN
44-83718   G In storage Museu Aeroespacial Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
44-83722   G Partially intact
(parts being used to restore
Aero Trader's storage area Borrego Springs, CA
44-83735 Mary Alice G On display American Air Museum Duxford, England
44-83785 Shady Lady G On display (but airworthy) Evergreen Aviation Educational Center McMinnville, OR
44-83790   G Being restored Brooks Aviation, Inc. Douglas, GA
44-83814   G In storage National Air and Space Museum Dulles International Airport, VA
44-83863 Gremlin's Hideout G On display Air Force Armament Museum, Eglin AFB Valparaiso, FL
44-83868   G On display Bomber Command Museum Hendon, England
44-83872 Texas Raiders G Flying
Being repaired
Commemorative Air Force Gulf Coast Wing Houston, TX
44-83884 Yankee Doodle Dandy G On display Eighth Air Force Museum, Barksdale AFB Bossier City, LA
44-85583   G On display Base Aerea do Recife Recife, Brazil
44-85599 Reluctant Dragon G On display Dyess Linear Air Park, Dyess AFB Abilene, TX
44-85718 Thunderbird G Flying Lone Star Flight Museum Galveston, TX
44-85734 Liberty Belle G Flying Liberty Foundation Kissimmee, FL
44-85738 Preston's Pride G On display AMVETS Tulare, CA
44-85740 Aluminum Overcast G Being repaired
Experimental Aircraft Association Oshkosh, WI
44-85778 Miss Angela G Flying Palm Springs Air Museum Palm Springs, CA
44-85784 Sally B G Flying B-17 Preservation Trust Duxford, England
44-85790 Lacey Lady G Partially intact
On display
Lacey's Bomber Inn and Restaurant Milwaukie, OR
44-85813   G Being restored Grimes Field Urbana, OH
44-85828 I'll Be Around G On display 390th Memorial Museum Tucson, AZ
44-85829 Yankee Lady G Flying Yankee Air Force,
Willow Run Airport
Ypsilanti, MI