France VFR Releases La Martinique Scenery
Posted by jackfolla on April 06 2007 06:10:35

Now available from France VFR for both FS2004 and FSX is La Martinique. The scenery covers La Martinique Island with photoreal textures, full autogen, Fort-de-France Airport, AI traffic and more. For full details,

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Extended News

France VFR is proud to announce our new La Martinique Island scenery.

The scenery covers the La Martinique island with photorealistic textures, including a full and specific autogen coverage. The Fort-de-France - Le Lamentin (TFFF) airport includes detailed buildings and realistic AI traffic based on real aircraft and liveries.

A full English documentation is provided with all France VFR products.

IMPORTANT: this scenery is for FS2004 but a FSX patch is already provided on France VFR web site.

Here are the product specifications:

Full photoscenery coverage.
Textures made from high quality aerial photography (NOT satellite imagery), reworked for an optimal rendition in Flight Simulator.
Customized autogen (houses and trees) for the whole scenery.
Ground textures are summer only.
Custom and very high resolution mesh for the whole region (LOD11).
Water coast faithfully represented and optimized with coast flattening (no water "climbing").
Detailed Fort-de-France - Le Lamentin (TFFF) airport included with night textures.
Many standard 3D objects.
Full and realistic commercial AI traffic based on real models and liveries.
Full AI traffic compatibility with futures Antilles sceneries (St-Maarten - St-Barthelemy, Guadeloupe...).
Extremely precise geo-referenced texture positioning, ensuring a maximal compatibility with scenery add-ons for this region.
Comprehensive SIA VAC maps.