New Products From Aerosoft
Posted by jackfolla on April 12 2007 13:53:10

Aerosoft now has three new add-ons for use with FSX. Included are Beaver X, featuring the DeHavilland DHC-2 Beaver, FlightSim Commander X, offering flight planning, GPS, moving map and much more and finally German Landmarks X, with thousands of precisely identified landmarks in Germany.

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Extended News

Looking for some add-ons for the new Flight Simulator X? Aerosoft has just released 3 great software products for FSX that will surely add excitement to your simulation experience! You don't have FSX yet? No problem, each of these titles includes updated FS2004 versions. This means that you can enjoy new data and various improvements on your FS2004 setup until you are ready for FSX!

Aerosoft - Beaver X
Some things age gracefully, some things go beyond that and seem to resist aging altogether. They are truly timeless. In aviation there are few examples, because aircraft are designed for a definite lifespan and to be replaced by something better. Perhaps the Piper Cub is one of the few examples, so long after being build, it's still in serious use and not only for sentimental reasons, they are still very much up to the job. But the DHC-2 beaver certainly is one. In 1955 a new Beaver sold for $30.000 and at this moment a well maintained Beaver with only a few million miles on the clock is worth around $300.000 and there are many operators who will tell you they fly the DHC-2 for the simple reason it is the best aircraft for the job and that they do not care that is older than they are.

For more information on the new Beaver, click here.

Aerosoft - FlightSim Commander X
FlightSim Commander is a professional flight planning, GPS, moving map and navigation tool for Flight Simulator 2004 and Flight Simulator X.

Flight Sim Commander has many useful features:

flight planning for entire routes or route segments
display of both ground and airborne AI traffic
real-world and user waypoint database
North Atlantic Tracks, PACOTs
automatic logbook and blackbox recording
control zone checks for VFR flights
GPS with real-time display of all relevant parameters
procedure generator and fuel calculator
SIDs/STARs and customizable route segments
printable approach and departure charts
printable airport layout charts
VATSIM and IVAO support

For more information on Flight Sim Commander X, click here.

Aerosoft - German Landmarks X
German Landmarks is now available for FSX and the new version is extensively enhanced! CR-Software has added a large amount of objects so there are now over 10,000 objects to enhance your VFR flights over Germany.

Also more than 1000 different objects like power stations, industrial plants, high-rise buildings, TV towers, transmitting towers, wind farms, castles, locks, churches, harbor facilities and much more. 260 glider airfields, 80 ultralight fields and 320 heliports are also added as landmarks and are visible on the GPS. As the runways are adapted to the mesh they will follow the terrain so sloped runways are included.


About 2200 objects added precisely according to the official AIPO from DFS.
Using glider databases and satellite images another 8000 objects have been added.
More then 340 glider / ultralight fields and 320 heliports are available.
Around 1000 individual objects were created and other objects taken from the FSX library are used, so a large variety of objects is guaranteed.
The location of the objects are shown on a digitized maps that can be zoomed in and out.
The objects are optimized for FSX mesh, other higher density mesh projects have no yet shown problems.
For slower systems it is possible to reduce the number of objects to ensure a smooth frame rate.

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