TweakFS Releases Free FSX Config Editor
Posted by jackfolla on April 18 2007 20:21:28

Now available for FSX from TweakFS is a free tool to help find and edit the fsx.cfg file.
The FSX Config Editor is able to automatically locate the FSX configuration file and load it for editing.

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Extended News

TweakFS has just added a new tool to its growing collection of freeware applications. The FSX Config Editor is aimed at helping to give a definitive answer to what is arguably the FS world's most frequently-asked question: "Where is my FSX.CFG file?!".

This utility automatically finds the FSX.CFG file for you by looking in the FSX Registry key and loads the information into a graphical tree menu display for easy viewing and editing. It also gives you the option of tweaking the file manually with NotePad without having to hunt it down in hidden or protected system folders.

To download this tool please click on the Freeware Tools banner at the TweakFS web site: