Virtual Radar Client v1.2 Released
Posted by jackfolla on May 15 2007 23:43:50

VATSIM, the Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network, has announced the release of Virtual Radar Client (VRC) 1.2. This new version introducdes voice ATIS and other new enhancements.

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Extended News

VATSIM, the Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network, is proud to announce the release of VRC 1.2, an extensively enhanced version of the Virtual Radar Client.

VRC has been created by Ross Carlson, VATSIM Vice-President for Development, to simulate the radar screen used by air traffic controllers, and is specifically designed for use on VATSIM's network to provide real live ATC for online pilots.

VRC 1.2 introduces the voice ATIS, by which controllers can record a true ATIS in voice as well as text, which can be accessed by tuning the aircraft radio to the ATIS frequency.

The radar display itself has been improved, with customisable scope profiles, tabbed interfaces, sticky notes, and a STARS radar mode to simulate that used in many TRACONS and towers in the USA. Current Oceanic tracks can be downloaded from the web and plotted on the scope. Electronic handling of flight strips has been enhanced, with presets for scratchpad entries, and there is a new look-up facility for aircraft information.

These and other features will yet again enhance the experience of online air traffic controllers, and enable us to provide an even better service to our online pilots.

Further information and the VRC software can be found at

Information about VATSIM and how to join can be found at