Cielosim Releases Flight Enhancer
Posted by jackfolla on June 14 2007 12:52:59

New for FS2004 from Cielosim is Flight Enhancer, an add-on that enhances the visual quality of the sky, water, clouds, sun, lights, etc.

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Extended News

Cielosim is pleased to announce the release of Flight Enhancer. Flight Enhancer is a scenery utility which enhances the visual quality of Flight Simulator. It does this by enhancing the quality of the sky, the water, the clouds, the sun, runway/airport lights, and the environmental reflection. It includes over 2,700 custom textures. It gives the user the choice to choose from thousands of textures options through an easy yet powerful interface. With Flight Enhancer you will now have stunning blended skies with smoothed visibility, realistic clouds, amazing water with clouds reflections, stunning sun and corona textures, real world airport lights, and ultra realistic environmental reflection. Flight Enhancer currently only works in FS2004 but the FSX version is coming soon.

Learn more about the product here