Posted by jackfolla on June 13 2008 10:36:32

25 superb different fully working sounds for all your FSX AI Aircraft to play

Guaranteed to bring you hours of enjoyment and fun, fully Beta tested, with great feedbacks, included are Free Alias installers for most third party Ai Aircraft manufacturers, Full Manual, and Back up Service, all at a modest price. This program will completely change your FSX experience, and a program that you will never be without!

Traffic Sounds is the results of months of testing and research enabling all AI sounds to be fully interactive with FSX and Direct X; they replace the limited FSX default ai sounds.
25 superb sounds for all your ai aircraft with amazing fly by take off and landing sounds, reverse thrusts and more.

All sounds have been set to be heard within a 2 mile radius, so therefore if you SEE IT! you will now be able to HEAR IT!
It! All sounds have been recorded and sampled in Microsoft ADPCM 11.025kHz.4 bit Stereo and are Cab formatted to enable greater compression but to maintain maximum system performance and quality while working under greater loads. Just imagine of how many aircraft are running at a major airport! Traffic sounds brings can cope with this enormous load and much more!

The choice of sound you want each of your ai aircraft to make is entirely up to you, although Traffic Sounds has an automatic installer, care has been taken by offering you a manual install option, ideal for those who wish to do their own editing.

Also included in every Installer is a Default Alias restorer, giving you the opportunity to restore all your AI sounds back to their normal default settings if you wish to do so. To save you the laborious task of manual installing your AI Aliases are several 3rd party AI aircraft manufacturers alias installers such as the complete Just Flight Fleet, My Traffic Fleet, part of the WOAI fleet and new to Traffic Sounds the Ultimate Traffic Installer! giving you a trouble free installation

Full manual, backup with every purchase. Free Updates when available. Donā€™t miss out on the opportunity of this Ultimate experience. All previous purchasers of Traffic_Sounds_FSX and TRaffic_Sounds_FSX MyTraffic no need to worry as the sounds have not changed, only the inclusion of the alias installers

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