Abacus Announces Mission Blackhawk
Posted by jackfolla on March 28 2007 02:53:05

Coming soon from Abacus Publishing is the first title in their new series of missions for the "hawk" series of helicopters. Mission Blackhawk takes full advantage of the FSX mission building capabilities and offers heart-pounding helicopter action...

Extended News

Abacus Publishing is proud to announce their first title in the new Mission Series featuring full-length flight adventures to keep you challenged.

Blackhawk is the first add-on in this series in which you'll fly six full-length adventures in the "hawk" set of helicopters: Blackhawk, Pavehawk, Jayhawk and Seahawk. To produce this new add-on, Abacus organized a talented team including Ron Jeffers who is known for his special effects, scenery design and audio skills and Phil Castellanos, a mission expert who has written several well-read tutorials about making FSX missions. Together with other team members Abacus has developed heart-pounding scenarios that take advantage of the FSX's mission building capabilities.

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Mission Blackhawk