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We currently offer a massive range of downloads for FSX, as well as older flight simulator add-ons for the ever-popular FS2004, FS2002, CFS3 and now becoming ever popular with dediced virtual aviators is Laminar Research's X-Plane series.

fsx aircraft, fsx freeware downloads, fsx addon, fs2004 aircraft, fsx planes


What kind of computer
do I need to run FSX?

- Minimum: 1.0 Ghz Processor, 256Mb RAM (Windows XP SP2) - 512Mb (Windows
Vista), 14Gb free hard drive space, 32Mb graphics card DirectX 9 compatible

- Comfortable: 3.6+ GHz CPU, 1-2 Gb RAM, 512 Mb graphics card, joystick

What is the difference between the standard and deluxe
version of FSX?

- The difference between the standard and deluxe version are features and
objects. The standard version lacks 6 aircraft, 5 high-detail airports, 10
high-detail cities, 20 missions, the Glass panel (G1000) cockpit and the tower
controller mode in the multiplayer mode.

I've FS2004 installed, but I want to install FSX too.
Is it possible to have both?

- That is certainly possible, if you have enough free space on your hard drive.
FSX will be installed in a different folder inside \Program Files\Microsoft
Games\ . There shouldn't be any problems, just don't run both versions at the
same time :)

Is FS2004 aircraft compatible with FSX?

- Yes, you should be able to fly FS2004 aircraft in FSX. However, some add-on
aircraft may cause problems with certain gauges, modules or other addtional
software. Payware developers like Precision Manuals Development Group (PMDG)
will release updates to make their products compatible with FSX. Freeware
developers may do the same if nessecery, but since it is their hobby and not
their job, some might choose to move on with the development of new aircraft for
FSX only and keep their current products for FS2004 only.

How can I add FS2004 aircraft to FSX?

- Please go to this

that describes how it works.

Where is the config file?

- If Windows XP is installed on your C: drive, it is located here: C:\Documents
and Settings\<your logon name>\Application Data\Microsoft\FSX\

There you'll find a file called fsx.cfg

Where are my flight files and recorded flights stored?

- If Windows is installed on your C: drive, it is located here: C:\Documents and
Settings\<your logon name>\My Documents\Flight Simulator X Files\

I messed up the FSX.cfg file, can it be repaired?

- Yes, delete it and FS will create a new one when you start FS.

How can I make screenshots?

- Press the <V> key.

Where can I find the captured screenshots?

- In FSX, go to Pilot Records -> Photos. If Windows XP is installed on your C:
drive, the files are saved to C:\Documents and Settings\<your logon name>\My
Documents\My Pictures\Flight Simulator X Files\

The menu on the top of the screen ruins my screenshots.
Is there a way to make it disappair?

- Yes, press and hold the <ALT> key for 2 seconds.

Where did the kneeboard go?

- Press and hold <SHIFT>, then press <F10>.

What are frame rates?

- It means movements of an object per second. Higher frame rate = more smooth
movements of your plane, the scenery or AI planes. 20 - 25 frames per second are
about the same as you see a movie on TV. It all depends on your system specs and
the add-ons you've installed, plus the performance settings of FS2004. There are
2 important things to keep in mind: CPU speed (and also type CPU) and your
graphics card. While you are flying, in the background your pc is working like
hell to process all the data. Higher processing speed means better frame rates,
so the more GHz, the better. It is also known that Intel CPU's are slightly
faster than AMD CPU's of the same GHz. A graphics card with a lot memory and own
CPU works great, because it makes the job of the main CPU of your pc a lot
easier. The RAM in your pc (not video RAM) doesn't have much to do with the
frame rates. On the other hand, a lot RAM is capable of loading more of your
scenery at once. That way there is no need to load data from your hard disk all
the time, decreasing the little shock effect while flying. So, if your friend
installed more complex add-on scenery without any loss of frame rates, that
doesn't mean you have the same results, it all depends on the hardware specs.

There is however another important reason for low frame rates: Background tasks
of your pc. Try to disable as many programs as possible. Software like instant
messengers, firewalls, anti virus apps are running in the background and need
CPU power and memory. For max. performance in FS, try to disable as many
background tasks as possible. Remember, if you disable the firewall, disable
your internet connection as well, you don't want to open the door for any

How do I know my current frame rate?

- Press <SHIFT> + <Z> twice. Press twice again to get rid of it.

What is the target frame rate in the hardware display

- With that, you can lock the frame rate of your own aircraft, meaning that your
aircraft does have a higher priority than the rest (scenery, AI traffic). It
depends on your system and add-ons what's best for you. Just experiment with it
until you have the right balance.

Is it possible to add a virtual cockpit to an aircraft?

- No, not the way you can add a 2d cockpit. The virtual cockpit is part of the
3dmodel. If you want to add a virtual cockpit, you need to know how to design
aircraft models.

Is it possible to disable the flying tips?

- Yes, uncheck them in the realism settings.

Some planes in my SimObjects/Airplanes folder are not
in the aircraft selection menu, why?

- It are most likely the AI planes you miss in the aircraft selection menu. They
simply don't belong in the aircraft menu, because they don't have a panel or
sound. If you want to fly AI planes, you need to add a panel and sound folder to
their folders.

Other SimObjects like Boats and GroundVehicles are not
in the aircraft selection menu. Is it possible to make them visible in the
aicraft selection menu?

- Yes it is certainly possible, please read the

SimObjects Tutorial

Is it possible to see damage on an aircraft when I hit

- Visual damage is not modelled anymore on the default aircraft in FSX. However,
if you import FS2004 default aircraft into FSX or install FS2004 add-on aircraft
into FSX, you'll still be able to see those effects. Make sure that the crash
detection is on in the realism settings and check if visual_damage = 1 in the
aircraft.cfg of every aircraft.

How do I remove the annoying brake message from the

- Open the fsx.cfg file and search for "InfoBrakesEnable". Directly below this
line is another setting called "InfoParkingBrakesEnable". You can change both of
them to:



The fist one enables/disables the brake message when the autobrakes are still in
RTO position after the takeoff. The other one enables/disables the parkingbrake
message. Below these 2 settings, there are another 4 settings about text
messages: InfoPauseEnable, InfoSlewEnable, InfoStallEnable, InfoOverspeedEnable.
You may disable these text messages as well if you like to see no text messages
at all.

When I start FSX or select an aircraft to fly, I get a
security warning message telling me the publisher could not be verified. What
does it mean and what do I have to do?

- Third-party developed gauges and modules are verified when you start FSX or
select an aircraft in the aircraft selection menu. When you install freeware
add-ons or even add old FS2004 default aircraft, you might encounter this
security message. It's nothing to worry about, if you're sure you want to use
the new module or aircraft and you're sure that the publisher can be trusted,
you should click "run". After that, another small screen will show, asking you
if you want to designate this module as 'trusted' software. Click yes if you
don't want being asked again, or click no if you want to use this software for
this session only. Beware, some gauges are too old and will not work in FSX.

NOTE: This is only an advise, you're doing this on your own risk.

When I approach, the runway is hard to see cause it is
hidden by the panel. I tried <SHIFT><BACKSPACE> and <SHIFT><ENTER>, but it
doesn't work. Is there still a way to adjust the viewpoint in the 2d cockpit?

- The old key combinations that worked in FS2004 are used for something else
now. Use this keys instead:

To move the viewpoint down: Hold <CTRL> and press the <Q> key to adjust.

To move the viewpoint up: Hold <CTRL> and <SHIFT> and press the <Q> key to

The wings of the default Boeing 747-400 look really
strange when I takeoff, it looks like a second wing appairs on both sides. What
is it and how can it be corrected?

- Common problem with old videocards. If your videocard doesn't support shader
2.0 and the advanced animations are on, the wingflex is not working correctly
and it will look very strange. Just uncheck the advanced animations in the
display settings until you have a videocard that supports shader 2.0.

I don't see the jetways, but I've seen them on
screenshots from other people. Is there a way to make them visible?

- Yes, go to settings > display > scenery and change the "Scenery Complexity"
slider to Very Dense or Extremly Dense. NOTE: The jetways are only available on
medium to large default airports.

The jetways don't attach to my aircraft when I hold
<SHIFT> and press <J>, why?

- Make sure you're at the right parking spot and if you have "advanced
animations" checked in the display settings. Otherwise your videocard doesn't
support shader 2.0. Videocards like the NVIDIA 5200 (FX) and ATI 9200 series do
not support this kind of animations.

The color of the taxiway and parking space is grey or
white, what's wrong?

- Don't worry, it's just a setting. Go to your display settings -> scenery and
make sure "Land detail textures" is checked on.

What do the codes like KSEA or VHHH mean?

- It are ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) 4-letter airport
indentifier codes, that uniquely identify individual airports worldwide. They
are used in flight plans to indicate departure, destination and alternate
airfields, as well as in other professional aviation publications. The first
letter usually identify the country or region (e.g. for EHAM Europe Holland
Amsterdam or ENGM for Europe Norway Gardermoen). The last 2 letters are not
always directly related to the airport name or town. Airports in the USA start
with "K", followed by the airport's 3-letter IATA (International Air Transport
Association) code. For FS, the ICAO code is the standard, because there are more
airports available than there are IATA codes.

Is there a way to watch the AI traffic fly like I view
my plane?

- Yes, click with your right mouse button somewere in the screen, then a menu
will show and select "AIR TRAFFIC". FSX will show you a list of AI planes that
are airborne as well as AI planes that are still on the ground. Press <S> to
change back to your own plane.

How much AI traffic can FSX handle? Is there a limit?

- No, it may depend on your system specs of course, but there is not built-in
limitation. The only limitation is that you won't be able to see AI planes that
are 10 nm or more from your location.

AI planes suddenly disappear, how can that be?

- FSX will remove AI planes from the simulation if it is waiting too long. This
sometimes occurs while the AI plane is holding at a runway that is used for
incoming traffic as well, or airport vehicles obstruct it's path.

I've installed a lot new AI traffic and I want the
default traffic of FS to be removed. How?

- Go to Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator
X\Scenery\World\Scenery\ and rename the file "trafficAircraft.bgl" to
"trafficAircraft.bak". If you want to enable it again, just change the file
extension from .bak to bgl. You can do the same for the traffic in the water by
renaming trafficBoats.bgl to trafficBoats.bak

Every time when I try to land, the plane doesn't slow down, or I decent too

- Decrease the amount of fuel, your plane is most likely too heavy to land.
Press and hold <CTRL> and press <D> to dump fuel, or Press <ALT>, select
Aircraft > Fuel and Payload and decrease the % of fuel to about 20-30%,
depending on the type of aircraft. You also need to set flaps. Flaps will
increase lift and you'll be able to fly slower without losing too much altitude.
You can use the spoilers to decent and slow down if you're flying to high or too
fast. Be sure to use the spoilers only briefly.

Is it possible to be pushed back form the gate?

- Yes, press < SHIFT>+<P> to start going backwards. If you want to turn:
<SHIFT>+<P> then <1> to push back and turn left, <SHIFT>+<P> then 2 to push back
and turn right. Press <SHIFT>+<P> again to stop moving.

Can I open the doors of an aircraft?

- Yes, hold <SHIFT> and press <E> and do the same to close them. Some aircraft
have more moving parts like cargo doors. Usually, when you hold <SHIFT> and
press <E> and a number (1,2 or 3 on your keyboard), other doors will open. But
the movement of a door may be assigned to other keys like the tailhook. See the
readme file when you download add-on aircrafts for information about opening

How do I disable airspace alert messages in the GPS

- Press and hold the MSG button for two seconds. Press the MSG button again to
enable it again.

When I replay a landing, I would like to see it from
another direction. Can I change the location of the tower view mode?

- Unfortually, that is not longer possible, the towerview mode in FSX is static
and can not be edited.

I would like to replay my whole flight, but I only see
the first few minutes. What is the solution?

- For a more advanced replay, you need a freeware module:
Recorder module for
. With this module, you can record unlimited time (depening on free
space on your harddrive) and much more.

What does it mean when the ATC is talking about
Flightlevels like FL340 or FL190?

- They are talking about altitude. FL340 is 34,000 feet, so just add "00" at the
end. The ATC start talking in Flight Levels when you are above the Transition
Altitude, which is a safe altitude above any obstacles within some distance of
the operation area. The TA varies from country to country and sometimes even in
a country. For north america, it is 18,000 feet.

It is very annoying to close the popup window of the
ATC every time when there is a transmission between the ATC and AI aircraft, is
there any way to change that?

- Yes, go to options -> settings -> general and un-check "Show ATC text" and be
sure to check "Auto-open ATC Window", that way you only get the ATC popup when a
reply from you is required.

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