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Macchi C.202 Folgore1404 viewswas a World War II fighter aircraft built by Macchi Aeronautica and operated by the Regia Aeronautica (RA; Royal (Italian) Air Force). Macchi aircraft designed by Mario Castoldi received the "C" letter in their model designation, hence the Folgore is referred to as the MC.202. Considered one of the most beautiful fighters to fly with wartime Axis forces, the C.202 was a development of the earlier C.200 Saetta, with a more powerful German Daimler-Benz DB 601 engine and with an extremely streamlined fuselage.[1] Undoubtedly the best wartime fighter to serve in large numbers with the Regia Aeronautica,[2] the Folgore operated on all fronts.[3]

The Folgore went into service with the Regia Aeronautica in July 1941 and immediately proved to be an effective and deadly dogfighter.[4][5] The Australian ace Clive Caldwell, who fought a wide variety of German, Italian and Japanese fighters during 1941–45, later stated that the C.202 was "one of the best and most undervalued of fighters".
Jan 12, 2011
z506-01821 viewsOct 02, 2004
savoia Marchetti SM82 Canguru627 viewsOct 02, 2004
Savoia Marchetti S55 01646 viewsOct 02, 2004
SavoiaMarchettiS-56B448 viewsOct 02, 2004
Savoia-Marchetti S.62501 viewsBiplane flying boat. The S.62 was not accepted by the Italian armed forces, but some were built for civilian operators and 24 for the USSR. 29 more were built in the USSR. Oct 02, 2004
Savoia-Marchetti S.M.83534 viewsThis version was a civil transport version in a 10-passenger configuration. it was powered by 3 Alfa Romeo 126 RC.34 radial, rated at 750 hp (559 kW)
Number built: unknown out of 23 S.M.83
Oct 02, 2004
Savoia-Marchetti S.73535 viewsThree-engined transport aircraft, a low-wing airplane with fixed landing gear. Its lines would become typical for the Savoia- Marchetti designs. Some were used by the Italian airforce, including four which -- having originally been sold to Belgium -- had served with the RAF before they were captured in North Africa! Oct 02, 2004
macchi-m5448 viewsOct 02, 2004
g55-02433 viewsOct 02, 2004
g50 foto2430 viewsOct 02, 2004
FIAT I CR 42415 viewsOct 02, 2004
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